Artistic Direction

I have broad experience in many forms of artistic direction, from videos to events to venues. To each project, I bring over fifteen years of artistic direction experience to the table. I have comprehensive knowledge and command of all stages of the production process, and bring with me a tried and true network of designers and vendors to every project I engage.  (401) 837-5438


I have been drawing since I could pick up a pencil and have six years of formal education in drawing and illustration. I am currently engaged in multiple illustration projects and always on the lookout for more.  (401) 837-5438



Storytelling and Writing 

I have a MFA in writing and a strong narrative instinct. I've worked for several years in editing and book production, but my writing and storytelling talents come most alive in earlier stages of a story's development. I'm a big thinker when it comes to story and always eager to engage in new projects. (401) 837-5438